volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation

One Ghana Health Campaign


The objective of this project is to boost health delivery in Ghana especially those living in less privileged areas. Hospitals, clinics and communities also benefit from basic health facilities and equipment. Pure Passion Foundation provides medical internship opportunities to all medical lovers’ who wish to experience tropical medicine to spent time with hospitals, clinics, and communities to make huge impact in the Ghana society.


The Project strives to educate people on various health issues, support and equip hospitals and clinics and to add to the knowledge of participants the meaning of tropical medical.


We embark on series of community outreaches in different locations in Ghana. Included in the outreaches are; health education and screening on topics such as hypertension, HIV/AIDS, malaria, maternal health, food and nutrition, diabetes, general hepatitis B screening and vaccination etc.


Medical lovers e.g. students, professionals etc. are also placed in different hospitals in the country to assist medical professionals at different departments.


Series of visits to different orphan houses or care homes all in the name of good health care.




The true impact of the ‘One Ghana Health Campaign’ is the value we add to the Ghana health system. Volunteers support medical staffs with different ideas, clinics receive boost and improvement in their health facilities and equipment. The most benefactors of the program, ‘the local people’ receive medical education, free health screening and vaccination, medical advice and assistance and enjoyed from the facilities and equipment delivered.


The volunteers are also not left out, value is added to their profession by exposing them to the best of tropical medicine.