volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



Educational empowerment is one of the key focus areas of Pure Passion Foundation. We believe that is necessary for all children to have the required experience and exposure to various life events. This empowers them to make informed decisions in their lives. ‘Educate’ focuses on rural education, library building and establishment of ICT resource centers.


Educate provides the avenue for the child to be able to understand his/her strengths and potentials. This is how we do it;

Ensuring self-knowledge through child and mentor program.


Support or physically part take in the building of libraries and ICT centers for schools to facilitate teaching and learning.


Assistance in classroom delivery of lessons in all subjects.


Build essential skills to thrive in today’s world and make informed decisions.


Provides a support system that ensures the child has access to achieve the above.




The true impact of the program is how it affects the children we reach out to. These children are able to discover their strength and true potentials which help them to make informed decisions.


New libraries are built and old ones are renovated for the benefit of the school children and the community in general.


New ICT centers are built and old ones are furnish with computers to facilitate teaching and learning.


Volunteers also get the chance to sharpen their leadership skills by mentoring and teaching the school children.