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This section of the organizational project focuses on people who have functional limitation that interferes with their ability for example to walk, lift, hear, and learn. People in such situations are highly looked down upon in our societies especially in Ghana. These people lose hope and the only way they think is appropriate is to hit the street and beg for arms. There are numerous homes built for such people including rehabilitation centers, the aim of our project is to assist the homes and also help in the campaign to take all such people from the street to the homes and their families to work on some meaningful live changing activities.


Physically challenged homes and rehabilitation centers are identify and given academic and professional assistance. Volunteers assist in teaching of various subjects such as mathematics, English, Science, Creative Art etc and also assist members in the learning of trade of their choice.


Introduce members to new ideas and creativity with the aim to engage members on a live changing mission.


Organize series of group and individual talks to motivate and inspire home members to build their confidence in order to make informed decision.


Embark on regular outreach programs to reach out to physically challenged people on the street and their families with the aim to tell people that they are just disabled but not condemn and therefore there is hope for them in this world.




Reduce number of physically challenged people on the street.


Provide meaningful live and good future to disabled people in our society.


Promote union among disabled and other family members and the community in general.