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This is environmental protection program designed to protect; rivers and water bodies, forest, nature reserves, gardens, climate, etc. and also to broadcast on the need to recycle. The project works through government institutions, non-governmental organizations, activist groups, clubs, societies, schools, private institutions, and communities etc. to reach out to the Ghanaian community to implement environmental protection strategies. Critical issues such as deforestation, ‘galamsey’ (illegal mining operation in the forest, rivers and water bodies), littering, water pollution, carbon emission, etc. are those areas ‘Greening Ghana’ focuses on.


We join hands with other activist groups to run campaigns in different forms to create awareness on the need to protect the environment.


We assign participants to government and private institutions especially Ghana forestry and wildlife commission to work with in order to support the idea of protecting the environment.


Work with recycling and waste management organizations.


In collaboration of other local and international bodies, there is in existence tree planting and protection exercise.


Some participants will also be assign to wildlife conservation areas under the auspices of Ghana wildlife authority.


Direct engagement with local communities, schools, churches etc with environmental protection issues.




Save deteriorating nature of Ghanaian rivers and water bodies.


Saving of Ghanaian wildlife and forest.


Education of the general public on the need to preserve the environment.