volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



It is an undeniable fact that the future of Africa is Agriculture. We seek to educate farmers on the use of simple farm techniques to increase production and also devise means to avoid post-harvest loses which is a major problem of agriculture in Ghana and Africa in general. This project focuses on both food and animal productions ranging from small scale to large scale production. E.g. Vegetables, fruits, cereal, tubers, poultry, pigs, fish etc.


Participants are assigned to agricultural institutions and farms to work with. The aim is to introduce participants to agriculture in Ghana.


Communities are assigned to individuals to go with farmers to the farm and also visit their homes for guidance.


Research works are undertaken to explore the possibilities of methods of farming such as irrigation farming, rotation farming, mix cropping, etc.


Link farmers and communities to agricultural processing industries to prepare ready market for farm produce to avoid post-harvest loses which is a major problem of agriculture in Ghana. .





Introduce local farmers to the use of simple modern farm techniques to yield production.


Link factories to local communities to take farm produce directly from farmers to avoid post-harvest loses.


Develop interest in agriculture by the Ghanaian youth to avoid rural urban migration.


Reduce poverty in Ghana by making more people enter the agricultural sector and since post-harvest loses are avoided, farmers will get more money from their production and this raises their standard of living.