volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



Orphan Care Section caters for the needs of orphans. We provide volunteers to assist in numerous orphanages in different forms. The idea is to support these individuals in areas they lack most. This is a true act of giving to those who need them most. This project seeks to provide sponsorship to orphans to take them through education and the learning of trade in order to become responsible individuals in the future.


Support the academic work of the orphanage by teaching any subject of interest (English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Art, etc.)


Help in extra curriculum activities such as painting, drumming and dancing, drama, games, farming etc.


Assist those members of the home learning different kinds of professions rather than schooling. E.g. Shoe making, hair dressing, tailoring, painting, carpentry, masonry etc.


Provide sustainable means to help the homes financially e.g. Crop and animal production, commercialization of craft works of the home members.


Interact with the kids always to inspire hope in them to make inform decisions in their lives.




Inspire hope in the home members to make informed decisions in their lives.


Provide financial freedom to these homes through the implementation of sustainable projects.


Security to orphans