volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



Empowering Ghanaian youth to take bold steps to become successful entrepreneurs is a major concern of Pure Passion Foundation. We believe this step is key to economic growth. The youth have potentials but a little push to stand up to the task is all what is lacking. This project provides the avenue for participants to reach out to these ones and then inspire them and make provisions available to stand up and accept the challenge to make changes in their lives and that of the Ghanaian people. The project targets high school students, tertiary students and idle community youth.


Tertiary students, high school students and idle community youth are engage in seminars, talks etc for motivation and solutions to some basic problems hindering entrepreneurial activities.


Form youth associations within communities with a common aim of entrepreneurship development.


Youth are provided start up assistance to be able to begin something on their own, this is done by providing investors, mentors, physical field assistance etc.


Organization of career choice conferences and seminars to help youth make some career decisions.




Establish youth entrepreneurship incubation centers for several communities.


Development of new successful entrepreneurs in the Ghana, Africa and the world in general.


To make the youth discover their potentials.


Promote economic growth.