volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



This is a special initiative for all faculties within the university community. The project makes available numerous Sub Saharan Africa organizations being government and private, for any student who wishes to study particular aspect of academic life, seek information for research work, holiday to explore Africa, academic internship etc. This project is very special to students studying Anthropology, Archeology, History, Political Studies, Development studies, Sociology, Social work, culture and tourism, religious studies, food and security, agriculture and African Studies. Students can request in a group and on individual basis for any period of time.





Students are assigned to their preferred institution to work under the authorities.


Organization of educational tours to all important sites to support ones mission on the project. Sites such as monuments, forts and castles, museums, nature reserves, rivers and water bodies.


Students who prefer to work with multiple institutions for their research are put on rotation to achieve their purpose as participants.




Add value to the all participants to prepare them for their academic and professional lives.


Provides adequate information for students making easy academic research.