volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



This is a special trip designed for all foreigners with the aim of introducing the country Ghana eg. the Ghanaian people, cuisine of the various ethnic groups, beautiful culture of the local people and all the wonders nature has to offer on the Ghanaian soil. National parks, beaches, lakes, museums, forts and castles, nature reserves, gardens, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, cottages, the beautiful sunshine etc are display to the satisfaction of participants. This project is embedded with live changing community outreaches.


Strategically travel to all ten regions of Ghana by visiting all tourist sites of interest.


Provision of self-transport, accommodation in various regions etc.


Identify communities which are most in need of help, outreach programs are done for these communities as part of the travels, it could be medical, educational, environmental or donations.




Introduction of Ghana as Sub Saharan African country with all the wonders of nature.


Provide pleasure and excitement to all participants.


Make contribution to the Ghanaian tourist sector.


Use travel to make positive impact in the lives of local people