volunteer in ghana with pure passion foundation



This is an opportunity created for people who wish to pursue career in journalism. This project gives participants the opportunity to experience journalism in Sub Saharan Africa. All folds of journalism; photo journalism, environmental journalism, broadcasting, reporting, presenting, editing, freelance etc. It provides the platform for one to begin his/her journalism career.


Participants get the opportunity to work with a reputable media firm of their choice. eg TV, Radio, print media etc. The media institution instructs the participant on what to do on daily basis.


Reports all Pure Passion Foundation events for ones media house. Events such as outreaches, donations, talks shows etc.


Participants choose at least one issue and research on it in any form of journalism to create awareness, and education to the people of Ghana and the world in general and also break stereotypes.


The project works together with the participant to develop blog or media channel to promote the type of journalism the individual wants as far as  his/her career advancement is concern.




This project helps the individual to discover his/her potentials as a journalist by making his/her ideas or views beneficial to the public.


Exposure to the world, the true nature of Africa as a continent through the publication of news articles of some peculiar issues of the continent.


Educate and make aware some useful information to the Ghanaian community.